Buddy Rich Triplet Tricks

Buddy Rich Triplet Tricks

Tribute to Joe Morello

Tribute to Joe Morello

Easy Accents

Easy Accents

Welcome! This is Tiger Bill.

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Have fun, stay loose and I’ll see you on the inside!
Tiger Bill

9 Responses to Welcome

  1. mike wright says:

    your tension free drumming system is amazing. Is it possible to purchase your dvd’s in England.

    Regards mike

  2. I have been playing drums since grade school in the 1960′s, played in school band, orchestra and small combos. I credit Joe Morello as one of my major inspirations since the first time I heard “Take Five”. I amazed my bandmates when after long study I was able to copy (as best I could) his key part in that great song. It was an “epiphany” for me and focused my interests on jazz and blues. I would like to learn more about Joe’s techniques if possible because he was truly a giant.

    • TigerBill says:

      Hey William – The Morello Tribute I put on for Joe contains a lot of info about Joe and his techniques. You can access it instantly by clicking the buy-now button on this page above. I will soon be adding lessons to the site and you will be able to select any of Joe’s techniques. Thanks for your patience while things are ramping up! Stay loose.

  3. Millie says:

    Hi Your system looks very systematic for developing excellent hand technique.Ive started understanding full strokes by watching Joe Morello natural approach to drumming and John Riley’s video on youtube by my own . pls let me know whether your DVDs are available in India .also, i would like to take online lessons with you if possible.I’d be thankful if u can help me out with my hand technique as i m stuck

    • TigerBill says:

      Thanks for your interest. Over the past 30 years I have developed a system that allows anyone to play at their maximum potential as far as speed, power, endurance, precision, and control but without the fear of physical injury. Yes, my DVDs are available worldwide and can be ordered at the following link: http://www.drummerswishlist.com/categories/Tension-Free-Drumming. You can receive a $10 discount this month if you enter the coupon code HEALTH when you checkout when you order the DVD-Set.

      You can also register for Online Private Lessons (either 30 or 60 minutes) at the following link: http://www.drummerswishlist.com/categories/Drum-Lessons/.

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  4. TigerBill says:

    Hey Milton, It’s coming soon (before year end) – I’m working on it!
    Stay loose.

  5. TigerBill says:

    Hey Greg, Happy that you’re finding it useful! Yes, I also use hand grips but you have to beware that you gently stretch out the hands/fingers both before and after any strength-type workout or you’ll increase the chances of building muscle without flexibility! Remember, it’s NOT weight-lifter type muscles that we’re trying to build for the best results in drumming, it’s fast-reflex type muscles (racing-horse or Bruce Lee-type muscle). Muscles that allow us to throw the stick down as fast as possible, which generates not only speed but power without using muscle tension.

  6. TigerBill says:

    Hey Keith, I knew Jim Chapin quite well and we often worked out together so I am very familiar with the original Moeller technique that he used. The entire motion of the wrists/arms is different in the Moeller system. To make a stroke, they turn the wrist/arm in a sideways motion instead of bending the wrist in a way that’s similar to waving at someone. Proponents of the Moeller system believe that power is derived from the distance in the stroke from the pad. The problem is that you cannot get any fine finger control (critical for top speed) involved along with the wrist stroke because the fingers are not in the proper position to be used effectively. You’ll notice this is you watch any of Jim’s playing – his high-end speed and control was limited. Although I do use what’s referred to as the Moeller Whip Stroke, I have developed a modified version of it that fits the motion of my wrists/arms, which uses a well-known law of physics to provide more than twice the power of the original Moeller stroke with essentially no additional effort.

    In short, there is a world of difference between the technique that I use and the original Moeller system.

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